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As featured on BBC News


Dyno is a Lowland search and rescue dog for Severn Area Rescue based in the Worcs and the Midlands Area and is on call for West Midlands Police to help to find missing people.

In the past he has trained with the Search and Rescue Dog Association South Wales (SARDA SW) to be a Low Terrain Air Scenting Search Dog. These dogs search routes, paths and areas looking for human scent particles emanating from a individuals. They don’t discriminate between different people, so will search for anyone that is in the area.

Matthew got Dyno when he was six months old from the Dogs Trust. No one wanted Dyno as he was very lively and obsessed with toys. He has a very high play drive, and loves to work. He is now two years old. Matthew says “I had been looking for a dog to train as a search dog after completing 6 months helping with training at SARDA South Wales. This involved me hiding in places so other trainee search dogs could practice their search skills.”

Matthew said “It has taken 2 and half years to get Dyno to the Search and Rescue Search Dog Standard, although he picked up searching quite quickly”.
Dyno has passed a strict obedience acceptance test and also a stock test to show that he had no interest in sheep. Quite a challenge, especially being a Border Collie”.

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